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2018 Horoscope

Aries: (March 21 - April 20) 
Beginning from January onwards, the first few months of this year will be good for career matters. You might like to go in for a change of job and would be successful in this. This is also a good period for money dealings and investments. You might like to make an investment in stocks and shares. As a public personality, you will concentrate on promotion so you can rise to a better position. Teamwork is what is going to benefit you the most. April will be a very good month for this. 
Your sign lord Mars will remain exalted from May to October. This indicates quite a lot of foreign travel and going in for new ventures like investing in finance and going in for the purchase of a house or vehicle. Be on your guard against haphazard financial decisions in the month of July and August. Students will fare well in examinations and competitions. If you are of marriageable age, you are likely to want to tie the knot during this year. In the later stages of the year, you may need to take care of your health. This could be related to stress that you are going through.
Taurus: (April 21 - May 21)
Most part of the year Jupiter's transit over Libra and Saturn's sojourn over Sagittarius will pose challenges but Rahu's journey to Cancer will counter the negative impact to a great extent.
The first half of the year will create many challenges but remember every challenge creates new possibilities. New responsibility at the workplace may make you feel nervous initially but you will soon get into the rhythm of things once you learn to handle some work on your own. As an entrepreneur, you may have to replace some old ideas with new ones; ideas that will help you forge ahead. In April and May, some journeys may have to be postponed due to a hectic work schedule. The second half of the year is very good for career and happiness. Come August and you may start looking for employment overseas. You will get one that suits you well. If unmarried then marriage can take place in the second half, beginning a new chapter of your life altogether. There will be much passion and a lot of togetherness you both share.
Gemini: (May 22 - June 21)
Overall an exciting year awaits you and on the whole, and life will be good. Jupiter's transit over your fifth house until October and Saturn's transit from your seventh house will enable you to come out with your ambitious projects. New ideas excite you and you are quick to try to put them into practice. Entrepreneurs will find smooth sailing all around and may like to take this opportunity and come out with a new venture with a great deal of success. Job seekers shall not be disappointed. You may even find one in another city. If you are romantically involved, you could find that a new and exciting person enters your life adding to your joy and belief in love. You are going to steer the affair so that it can culminate into wedlock. Some family issues may crop up in the month of April, which needs to be tackled intelligently. You may have to take the help of your spouse in dealing with this. For most of the year, you will have a lot of vitality and energy to cope with life on your terms and minor stress is not going to bother you at all. Relations within the family might need a little bit of change to avoid personality clashes. Social life is also going to pick up and you will enjoy meeting people and making new friends.
Cancer: (June 22 - July 22)
Jupiter's transit over your fourth house is not encouraging but Saturn's sojourn over your sixth house will compensate largely. During the first half of the year, you may have to struggle initially but situation shall be brought under control by your genuine efforts. Success in career or business is very much on the cards though in gaps you will be quite unsure of yourself. Though you may not want to take help, you could find doing it alone quite difficult so to avoid getting bogged down, ask a colleague or even one of your bosses for some tips. As an entrepreneur, there will be a lot of betterment. Hectic situations on the professional level will keep you very busy with hardly any time to yourself. In June-July, expenses are likely to soar and put a drain on your pocket. You may even consider taking a loan to help you out. It will be sometime towards the end of the year that you will be able to pay this back. Domestic issues will keep on cropping up off and on but you will deal with them quickly and efficiently.
The second half of the year will be quite relaxing, which will help you to come out with your innovative plans. Affairs of the heart won’t necessarily end at the altar. A lot depends on how you perceive the situation and about speaking your mind out. You may also buy a vehicle. Investment in property is not ruled out.

Leo: (July 23 - August 23)
Most of the planets are on your side, which promises an excellent year in all respects. Pace up your efforts between January and April, so you can yield fruit for rest of the year. Many changes in career are foretold so you will have to learn how to adapt yourself to situations, sometimes rather quickly. In order to get the success you really want, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Success is also indicated in exam, competitions. Financially you will be quite well off and like a typical Leo, you will organize your finances well so that you have a little left over for any extra expense. Foreign travels will also take place and be beneficial for you.
Exalted Mars will remain in Capricorn from May to October, which will help you to overcome opposition and competition in all possible areas. A lot of excitement will be there and your image will enhance immensely. A love affair can crop up unexpectedly and before you know it, you will begin to get seriously involved. You need to communicate your feelings to your partner and become ready to be a good listener too.
December is slightly a depressing month. Try to cheer up by adopting a positive attitude. Remain careful about your health by eating right and exercising regularly.

Virgo: (August 24 - September 22)
Rahu's transit over the eleventh house and Jupiter sojourn from the 2nd house will help you to expand your financial avenues. Excellent opportunities regarding money will be there. You are likely to come in for a second source of income too. You would also like to spend lavishly on your family members. Domestic support will come your way automatically and an ancestral property dispute which arises can be tackled in an amicable manner. A big celebration is also indicated in the family.
March is a slightly complicated month so does not indulge in those activities, which could be the cause of the trouble. Your tendency to take risks needs to be curbed also. In work matters, you may have to depend more on your co-workers than you would like but this is the only way out just now in order to get your work done. A shift in position to a better level is also on the cards for you.
The second half of the year will be smoother. If looking for an overseas appointment or business opportunities then you will not be disappointed. A heady romance is coming your way too which can quickly be converted into matrimony.
Libra: (September 23 - October 23)
Jupiter will transit through your sign and Saturn will pass through Sagittarius. This is a very good year, which will provide you with many opportunities in profession, career or creative field. In the first few months of this year, you need to grab the good opportunities so your career can advance to a new level. If involved in politics or social life, then you will do extraordinarily well. Students will shine in their respective areas provided they do not lose focus on the goal ahead. Job seekers will not be disappointed and can land plum jobs. Those in a creative field will get the opportunity to taste fame. Where money is concerned, you will have to budget your expenses well and stick to this. Avoid making any investments in the first half of the year.
Love relationship will get more romantic as you get to understand your mate better and increase time spent together. This happy affair is likely to end in marriage. Some major celebration will take place at home requires a lot of planning on your part. Frequent travels will create new possibilities. You can undertake some of these journeys with a colleague. Success in endeavors will be there, opening new doors for you. 
Scorpio: (October 24 - November 22)
Most part of the year Jupiter will remain in the twelfth house and Saturn will transit in the second house. This is going to be a tough year, which will require a lot of understanding and patience while dealing with important issues. In professional matters, you need to step up. You may have been taking it easy earlier but that won’t work now. You will be valued for work done and for quick action. If you are in any creative field, you need to come out with new ideas in order to beat the competition you face. 
The month of February may bring unnecessary trouble. You could be feeling low and inadequate most of the time. A reckless financial decision could cost you dearly so be on your guard. The support you expect from your family members could also be lacking, adding to your woes.
Between May and October sign, lord Mars will remain exalted in the third house and shall provide a lot of confidence, courage and will to overcome adversities with ease. Communication will play an important role in life. Reach out to people in this period to create a soothing environment for future activities. This will also be a good time to make a couple of investments. 
Sagittarius: (November 23 - December 21)
Your sign lord Jupiter will remain in Libra until October and Saturn will transit through your sign. It is going to be an interesting year when you would like to indulge in those activities or projects, which have been haunting you for quite some time. You will get the time to experiment a little where work is concerned. New plans can be put into action with a fair amount of success coming to you. The new association will be there to help in your ventures also so there is no hitch there.
Financially you will do exceedingly well. Old dues can also be realized without any problem. You would love to splurge on friends and family members. Frequent travels within the country and abroad will prove extremely useful and be fun experiences. You would also like to plan a vacation to an exotic place with your family and maybe a few friends. If you are of marriageable age, you might like to think of finding a suitable partner for yourself. Many people will come forward and offer you advice in this regard. A grand celebration at home is on the cards. Making an investment in property and a vehicle is strongly indicated.

Capricorn: (December 22 - January 20)
The first three months will bring in good opportunities for career. You are likely to take everyone by surprise with your creative thoughts and this is going to be highly appreciated too. Saturn's transit through your twelfth house and Mars's longer stay of six months from May to October may create some stumbling blocks in the path of your progress so it would be better to have some backup plans that can tide you over. Important decisions regarding finances or other issues should not be dealt with in a casual manner. Take your time and be sure about what you want to do. 
 June and November are excellent months. Reach out to people you have been meaning to as they could be very nice and helpful towards you. Anything done in these months will prove very beneficial. Use this to plan financial deals and travel plans that bring in betterment. Your rocky love life can take a turn for the better so why not go ahead and plan your wedding while the going is good.

Aquarius: (January 21 - February 18)
A wonderful year, which will help you fulfill your cherished goals. Sign lord Saturn will be transiting over your benefic house and Jupiter improves your luck. Other planets are also on your side. New projects can be initiated. As an entrepreneur, you will do very well and will get the chance to initiate new projects. Those involved in import/export will also excel this year with many new proposals coming their way. You will get to know your strengths and be able to highlight them so you can benefit in a big way. You have good communication skills and this is what will stand you in good stead throughout. You can invest in property and other assets. Buying a new vehicle is also on the cards. Marriage or childbirth in the family is indicated.
Avoid risky decisions in April. Stay away from haphazard decisions and the tendency to make big investments. Remains of an old dispute with a friend can surface once again but as far as you are concerned, this is finished. Be wary of an injury in October. Though it will not be anything serious, it could handicap you for a little while causing you a bit of frustration. 
Pisces: (February 19 - March 20)                  
Jupiter will be transiting over your 8th house and Saturn will transit through Karma or tenth house. Try to be slow and watchful between January and March. Later on, situations start improving gradually. Avoid jumping to the conclusion that you just have to change your job in order to be happy. Let the opportunities present themselves. Domestic life may be a little unhappy due to old issues being raked up.
Exalted Mars's sojourn from May to October from your 11th house, the house of gains can compensate to some extent. A tough year but with efforts, you can be your pathfinder. Pay attention to detail whether it is at work or in your personal life. This will help you a great deal to smooth out rough edges. Friends and associates will extend their support towards you. You need to reevaluate your career prospects and then act accordingly. A change of line maybe something you are looking for now. Money matters need to be dealt with utmost care. Some money due to you may take longer to come, longer than you expect. Travels will cheer you up around May and June. You could also get around to planning a trip overseas with your spouse.Pisces
2018 business horoscope forecasts that you may not see results of your efforts immediately but your business would succeed gradually. You would take wise decisions in business and thus your competitors would also praise you. Partnership would also be favorable for you this year. You seem to have fair chances to rise in career or business this year so concentrate on available opportunities and use them as your catalyst for success.
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